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The Ethnographic Collection completes a primary effort in describing the identity of Athienou and its past.  Exhibits acquired from citizens’ kind donations and from purchases are shedding light both to the daily life of the people of Athienou in the 20th century, as well as to moments of pleasure and formality. A journey of memory and nostalgia for those who have experienced the facts presented and a trek of knowledge and respect for the younger generations constitute “Athienou of the Past and Present”.

The Theme units of the Ethnographic Collection are about entertainment, traditional professions, the history of Athienou as a Municipality, sports life and boy-scouts, educational institutions, as well as the participation of Athienou in national struggles.

Donations of objects which have the ability to “narrate” their own story to the visitors are welcome to enrich the Ethnographic Collection of the Museum. 

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