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The largest part of the Museumís Collection of Ecclesiastical Art was created after the Foundation of Father Kallinikos kindly offered portable icons and personal objects of Father Kallinikos to the Museum. The collection consists of icons of renaissance and byzantine style which were painted by Father Kallinikos, as well as of icons from his own personal collection. Also presented in the same room are aspects of his life, as well as the techniques of icon painting which are characterized by the monkís own personal touch.

The milestones in the life of Father Kallinikos have been his apprenticeship next to Ioannikios Mavropoulos, his three-year long imprisonment during the liberation struggle of EOKA from 1955 until 1959 and his apprenticeship next to icon painter Fotis Kontoglou.

Part of this section was dedicated to the creation of an Icon Painting and Mosaic Workshop. Displayed in this section are works by brothers Georgios and Alkis Kepolas. The Kepola brothers, sons of Athienou, envisaged the creation of this workshop with us. This workshop is a place which mostly gives young people the chance for a healthy and creative exploitation of their free time.


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